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Parenting Out of the Trenches – Who Should Work with a Parenting Coordinator

Parenting Coordinators work with parents who meet the following criteria: (1) are in the process of getting divorced or are divorced; (2) have signed a consent custody order or who have been through a custody trial and a court has entered a custody order; and (3) are either deemed high conflict by their presiding judge or agree that a parenting coordinator will help them resolve conflict and make decisions in the best interest of their children.

A judge may appoint a parenting coordinator in a high conflict case when the judge believes a neutral and impartial person is necessary to assist in making decisions that are in the best interest of the minor children. Parents may also consent to using a parenting coordinator to assist them and may decide on the issues that need a parenting coordinator’s assistance. The parenting coordinator acts as a neutral in this scenario as well. Parents cannot seek separate legal advice directly from the appointed parenting coordinator as the parenting coordinator does not represent either parent.

If you are a parent and meet the above criteria, you should seek advice from your attorney about whether appointment of a parenting coordinator would be appropriate in your case.

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